Going Places?

Get the Memo. We pack the fashion for your next trip.


Each Memo includes 5-10 items curated for your trip from what's hot in fashion. Try at home, buy what you love and return the rest. All for $50.

How does it work?


Select the type of trip, place your order and #getthememo


Try everything on at home in your size. We'll show you how to put it all together.


Buy what you love. Send the rest back within 5 days. 

Select your trip and let's get you packed!

From our customers

This was the most fun I have had shopping in ages...It is incredible how no other company has done this before for luxury clothing


One word: delighted. You guys did an incredible job. I'm like baffled about how fabulous your service is and you are able to execute so well. You pick great items. Price point is perfect.


My box was amazing.  I’m wearing the Iro jacket this instant.